Yellow Paper

Uprints Famous Yellow paper can print on any shaped hard surface product.
WARNING – Do not purchase paper if you do not own a Uprint Printer, the Yellow paper is designed to work with no fuser unit inside a printer and therefore can be used to do chemical transfers. Patent 2009/04868 and Patent 2009/04260 – Declares that Uprint Digital Direct has sole rights to the use of chemically transferring a digital image onto a hard surface.


Yellow paper is Unique to Uprint, definitely our most popular paper. Yellow paper is used to chemically transfer an image onto ANY shaped hard surface. Using the yellow paper you can print on all the following product categories:

– All Plastics( Cannot print on Nylon plastics)
– Stainless Steal, Aluminum, any metal in all shapes
– Glass products in any shape
– Ceramic products.
– Pens in all shapes or sizes.
– Flash Drives
– Hard hats
– Wood products


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