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Its frustrating not being able to provide all the branding solutions that your clients need. We help you cater to those needs with our one-of-a-kind solution that will enable you to retain more clients and position yourself as an industry leader.

Slide A4 CMYW Uprint SA Chemicals Be the hero Tell your own story its frustrating not being able WHAT YOUR CLIENTS NEED... to deliver

Be the hero and tell your own story

Most businesses struggle to retain their clients, due to the increasing demand for unique printing solutions.

Uprint puts the power back in your hands, by opening the door to new realms of opportunity.

Our passion is to ensure your success, by equipping you with the most diverse and affordable branding solution on the market.

Dominate your space, be the Hero and make your voice heard with our unique Chemical transfer solution. 

Your success is our story.



When you wield a UPRINT Printer, there’s no need for sublimated products. 

Our patented CHEMICAL TRANSFER solution, equips YOU with an infinite amount of new products without the need for sublimated coatings.


When you invest in a UPrint Printer there’s no need to worry about the shape of a product, such as UV printing! Our unique printing process can brand on ANY shape bottle, mug, pen, USB, power bank, stainless steel product and much more.


 Are the results durable? YES, we use patented chemicals for ceramic and glass products to ensure that they are completely dishwasher proof.


 Sleep well knowing that your clients are satisfied with your work!

 We use patented chemicals to make plastic products highly scratch resistant and durable.

Products such as stainless steel or wood, only require heat without the need for chemical finishes.


Our exclusive training and comprehensive printing manual explains all of our customized procedures.  


From Our Clients

The UPRINT system is brilliant. I got mine 2015. It was trying in the beginning however, with perseverance and tenacity my business took off in the first year. You can literally plug in and play anywhere. Profit margins are very high on promotional products. This one Printer can do so much, it’s just beyond me. The UPRINT system literally epitomizes the saying “if you can dream it, you can print on it”. I have taken my printer and heat presses to golf days/events and printed at the various golf courses/ conference centers. There is always something new, weird or wonderful to print on, clients will bring you the strangest things. Which UPRINT can print and just about anything, in FULL COLOUR.

Debbie Meth


Uprint Digital is a very useful system to have part of your company. Service is excellent from staff and always willing “to make a plan” No job is to small.


Precision Screenprinters

Art and design has always been my passion. Three years ago I bought a sublimation printer and vinyl cutter to enable me to do some printing. Although I loved the idea of printing, I was frustrated because there were many limitations due to the system I was using. Late in 2019, I finally bough the U-Print system. This system gave me the freedom that I longed for and enabled me to print on a vast range of materials and virtually any product that a customer requested. I love being able to say YES, when a customer asks; “Can you print on this?” Not only has my printing business grown exponentially, but this unique system allows me much more creative freedom. I am able to create crafts and gifts that almost always draws a Wow from all who sees it. Operating this system is not difficult, but you need to stay with the training that U-Print provides. More than once I have tried doing things my own way, just to return to the manual and almost asking for forgiveness. The guys at U-Print teach from experience, and if you keep to what you where taught, you will be successful. The support from Jordan is amazing and he is always patient and helpful. Thanks guys, you changed my business and my life. I still get excited about every beautifully printed product that leaves my business.

Lyra N Fourie

Starhouse Designs

I have had nothing but the best service and after sales support from the UPrint team. They are on hand to help and guide all the time, thereby limiting wastage and reducing my costs. What a super investment I made with your printers and products, I have made my returns over and over with your commitment to your clients with FANTASTIC after sales service and step by step training on UTube. The absolute ease of using your printing solution has saved me by having my own little productive business. Thank you UPrint, Team.


xxxx personal